Saturday, 10 January 2015

The Day We Almost Missed Our Best Friends' Wedding

There are so many interesting things that happen in our lifetime and this is one of those that we just cannot forget. A good friend of us was getting married in Chicago and he had invited us personally to attend the same. Both of us were very excited as this gave us an opportunity to get to see Chicago and the surrounding places. We planned out travel well in advance and just couldn’t control the excitement. We landed in Chicago a week before the wedding as we had planned to make a tour around the place before the wedding date and be back in town on that day.
As per our plan, we started visiting places in Chicago. First, we went to the Chicago cultural centre, then to the pulmonary point, Osaka Garden, Montrose Harbour, The Art Institute, Garfield Park Conservatory, saw Miro’s sculpture, Harold Washington Library, Caldwell Lily Pool, North Park Nature Centre, Contemporary art museum, Lincoln Park, Osterman Beach and the Mexican Art Museum. This took us five days to complete the schedule. The only thing to be experienced was the Chicago water taxi which we decided to take on the morning of the wedding.
The D day arrived. We got ready by about 10 am and were prepared to go for the water taxi ride. We got into the cab and only then found out that I had missed my wallet in the guest house and went to pick it up. This was when I realised that we had left the keys inside and locked the door. I did not panic and went into the reception to ask them for the spare key. 
To my amusement they did not have any spare and told me that they had only one key and that was the one inside the house. I started to panic as we had to leave immediately and also have to come back and get ready for the wedding. The receptionist calmed me down and told me that she would have a locksmith to help. The locksmith arrived within an hour and the door was open. Thanks to the experience and the efficiency of your locksmith that we were able to attend the wedding on time.

Thursday, 8 January 2015

Our Trip To France

France is one of the most beautiful countries that we have visited and the sheer beauty of the place should not be missed. There are so many wonderful and must see places in France and here are the top three from the places that we have seen.

The capital of France is home to the magnificent Eiffel Tower that stands tall and well lit in the centre of the city of Paris. Once should not miss being here as you would wonder how to go around this romantic city that has a mix of both tradition and modern day glamour. Paris neighbourhoods are also filled with lovely places that you can see when you visit France. Finding your feet in France can be quite a challenge and it is here that an amazing app called Smarter Paris helped us. We were able to travel to all places without having to stop by to ask for directions.

French Riviera

This is the place that is located in the French coast of the Mediterranean Sea, Cote d’Azur is home to many tourists who come here to mainly admire the exquisiteness of the place. Though many of you may be aware of the Cannes Festival that is held here, St. Tropez, Villages of Eze and St. Paul de Vence are the other attractions that should not be missed.

Mount St. Michel

The tidal island of Mount St. Michel is a majestic place that has to be seen in order to believe. The surroundings are completely flat and you can see the island alone as a tall tower which looks like someone has stacked one floor on the other just like how you would do the building blocks. This island is something that you have to see to believe in the magnificence of nature and the talent of the people who built this in an era that did not have any of the modern day equipments.

There are many other places in France that you must see like Bordeaux, Loire Valley and Biarritz which you may like but these three were the top of the list for me and my spouse and hence I have recommended them here.