Wednesday, 12 March 2014

An Introduction To Dutch Culture

The beauty of the place is one thing and the rich culture is another, whatever factor you consider, there cannot be any place or country that is as wonderful as the Netherlands. The old name of Holland still lingers in the mind of many and it has taken quite a long time for people to accept the new name. A fact that all of us should know is that North and South Holland only form about one sixth of the whole part of the country and it is not correct to refer the place as Holland. This country has much more than what only the provinces of Holland hold.

Flat Country

If you look at the geographic aspects, Netherlands are considered to be a very flat country which has large open lands which extends for miles together without any hills or slopes. This is one of the main reasons why you can spot a number of cyclists who try to pedal their way into the flat lands while enjoying the breathtaking scenery that adds on to make the whole cycling experience a very unique and unforgettable one. For the same reason, bikes are also very popular among the Dutch, who are very environment conscious people which is evident the moment you step into any city or town.


The climate in Netherlands is much similar to that in the United Kingdom, which also has mild winters and summers. As Netherlands is situated in the coast, a lot of winds are also experienced and the country is making maximum use of it which is evident from the numerous windmills that you can spot there. As per tradition, the windmills were mainly used to distribute water and to grind corn. The beautiful colours that are painted on the windmills that are spread in the countryside give a very picturesque image which has to be seen with our own eyes. There are more than thousand windmills that are present in Netherlands with at the least two hundred of them that are still working.


Netherlands is home to not only the countryside that would be breathtaking, there are many natural and wonderful sights that should not be missed; more than twenty national parks and natural reserves are present here. The most popular exports that Netherlands is known for is the tulips. Even though these do not form part of the native flowers, they play an important part in the culture and the overall economy of the country. The layers of tulips that are planted and the colour contrasts make pictographic scenes that have attracted photographers from all over the globe to witness this marvel. The tulips are cultivated with utmost care and are then exported to all parts of the globe.


In addition to the windmill and tulip that this country is popular for, one cannot forget the Dutch cuisine especially the dairy products that are very significant here. The Dutch cheese which is semi hard or hard are some of the best cheeses that you need to give to your tongue and the taste will linger even much after it is gone. Wholemeal breads, wholesome cooking, coffee, pastries and cakes are some of those that you should not miss. Food plays an important part of the Dutch culture and hence they have specific dishes that are catered to be made only for special occasion which makes it even more interesting and make us want to taste them.

The main official language of the natives of Netherlands is Dutch and most of the people who are living here can talk this language with ease. Many people also use Frisian as the language and they are concentrated more in the west and the north parts of the country. Frisian is said to be a mix of English, French and German. The best known foreign language is English which is spoken by about seventy percent of the total population in Netherlands. Many other languages are also taught for people who are interested in widening their vocabulary.

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