Monday, 23 December 2013

Secrets For A Long Lasting Relationship

Every relationship is very essential in the life of a human being. Each person has to co-exist in the society and has to be in some kind of a relationship at some point in their lives. There are many relationships that one can come across in their life and the most important one is that between a husband and a wife. You should be able to find a confidant in your spouse for the marriage to work; there should be commitment from both ends that you vow to stay together through the thick and thins of life. The secrets to a long lasting and successful relationship are given here for you to read and follow.
  • A good married life is something where both the partners are willing to lead a balanced life between family, career and children. If you focus only on one of these, then you cannot lead a happy life together.
  • Almost and always find a way to go back to the main reason that got you hitches, remember and relish it.
  • Working out on the contrasting personalities that you have and the ideals that you follow. You may not agree to all the things that your spouse says nor will it be the same in the reverse direction. Learn to let go in some case but not all.
  • Friendship is what can make your marriage become stronger than ever. If you have a friend and a spouse or if you can make them one, then there is nothing like it.
  • Create an open channel for communication. Talk it out. Whatever be the case, discuss things in a friendly way and solve things then and there. Do not procrastinate.
  • Trust them and they will also automatically trust you.
  • Let go of ego. That is the main reason why most marriages break up.
If you are able to do at the least four out of the seven points that are mentioned above, your marriage will be strong enough to last for a decade or even more than that.

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Friday, 20 December 2013

A Comparison Between Netherlands And Israel

Though many of you would know about Netherlands and Israel as two independent countries you may not have been keen enough to note the similarities and the differences between these two amazing places. Since both of us are sort of obsessed with these two countries thought it will be best to share a view that we are well aware of...
  • The geographic location of any country speaks a lot about the culture, climate and the people who live in it. Netherlands is situated in the continent of Europe and that too in the north western part, located in between Belgium and Germany. Israel is part of western Asia and shares borders with Jordan, Syria and Lebanon.
  • The capital on Israel is Jerusalem and the capital of Netherlands is Amsterdam.
  • The next most important thing that you need to know about these two wonderful countries is about the governance. Israel is a democratic country and is governed by the person who comes to power after elections. Netherlands is still in ruled as per constitutional Monarchy by King William Alexander.
  • The population in Netherlands is almost eight million whereas that of Israel is almost double of that at seventeen million.
  • The life expectancy in both Israel and Netherlands is the same at around eighty one years.
  • Netherlands have a higher GDP per capita than that of Israel.
  • The independence for Israel came in the year 1948 when they were freed from the British rule. The people of Netherlands were given freedom from Spain in the year 1648.
  • The main religions that you can come across in Israel are the Jews who constitute nearly three fourths of the total population. You cannot make such a comparison with Netherlands as the people here are a mixed group, the highest will be the Roman Catholics who comprise of thirty percent of the total population.
  • The languages that are used in Netherlands are Dutch and Frisian, both of which are recognized as official languages. The official language in Israel is Hebrew, the minorities speak Arabic as well and the most commonly spoken foreign language is English.
  • The main exports that are concentrated in Israel are software, agricultural products, cut diamonds and textiles/ apparel. The same in Netherlands is mainly the fuels and foodstuffs. Both Israel and Netherlands are popular for their machinery, equipments and the chemicals that are manufactures in their respective countries and exported all through the globe.
  • If you compare the area that is occupied by these two countries, Netherlands is more than twice the size of Israel.
  • Both the countries have a wide coastline even though the one that Netherlands is much more than that of Israel.
  • The climate of both these countries are similar to each other; temperate climates. Netherlands experiences cool summers and mild winters whereas in Israel you will experience hot and dry summers with mild winters.
Even though there are so many differences in these two countries one cannot forget that both have a very rich and strong culture that is evident when you get a chance to visit both these places.