Wednesday, 17 July 2013

Amazing UK An Exploration We Can Never Forget

If you are like us, one of those who loves and appreciates magnificent architecture and rich culture, then you should surely not miss visiting the exquisites of the places that are available in the United Kingdom. The exuberance of the place which is home to some of the most excellent masterpieces be it the castles or the heavenly cathedrals that are there, are truly amazing and something that you need to see to believe. The green landscapes are also a sight that is worth every penny spent for visiting this country. There are so many wonderful and must-see locations in the United Kingdom and listed below are some that you should just not miss.

London – the name itself will make heads turn. No visit to the United Kingdom can be complete without visiting the majestic city of London, we ensured that we did ourselves a favour. The main attractions that you can see here is the most talked about clock in the world – Big Ben, the Westminster Palace, the Westminster Abbey and of course St. Pauls Cathedral which should not be missed. Most of us know the world famous rhyme ‘London Bridge is falling down’ and it is so thrilling for children to see the London Bridge in action. In addition to these traditional and cultural places of interest, there are numerous restaurants, bars, parks and shopping centres that are truly unique in their own way.

Stonehenge- this structure which is said to have been built over five thousand years ago is on the main attractions that should not be missed. It is said to be one of the most mysterious places in the world and makes you question the reason why it was there in the first place. Though it remains a cultural site in the United Kingdom, no one, even the natives do not know that it was built for. Scottish Highlands – these are what you can call as nature’s gift to mankind and we must appreciate the government in the UK for taking care and making them stay the way they have to. The Scottish highlands are great places to go hiking and kayaking in the raging rivers that you can find in plenty. Some of the biggest and unique fortresses of the Scottish warlords are available here and you should surely not miss then even if you have to walk that extra stretch as you will realise that it was worth it. If you are lucky enough, one of the main symbols of Christmas, the reindeer, can be spotted here.

Canterbury – this is the place that you have to visit in order to get your eyes on the most admirable and historic churches and cathedrals. Out of the many churches that you may come across, Canterbury Cathedral is the one that is worth mentioning as it is hailed by many as the grandest church in England. This county is also home to the oldest church in England which is the church of St. Martin.

Oxford – this amazing town is the home for one of the most esteemed universities of all time, the Oxford University though this is not the only place of interest in Oxford. The amazing countryside and the gentle hills will make your visit a memorable one. The views which include brick houses of the olden times and horses that are freed into the plane lands are just simply breathtaking.

In addition to those mentioned above, you should also include York, Wales, Winchester and Stratford to the list of places that need to be visited. If you find it difficult to make through to all of these in a single vacation, then you can plan it out over two or three vacations that you plan for the next four to five years.

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